How to setup the Mininova with Circuit Tracks

As a note to myself and for future reference:

  1. Make sure the MIDI template for Minonova is synced to the Circuit Tracks via Novation components. This is quite self-explanatory. (Keep track where it is as the Circuit doesn’t have a display to tell you which template is which)
  2. Connect via MIDI cable (e.g. Mininova MIDI In <-> Circuit MIDI Out)
  3. Connect via Audio cable (e.g. Mininova Audio Out to Circuit Tracks Audio Input 1 – n.b. that these are mono inputs). Just to be on the safe side make sure your volume knobs are turned down before switching your gear on.
  4. Set Mininova to MIDI channel 3 (for the „MIDI Out“ socket on Circuit Tracks with default settings, triggered via notes input on the „MIDI 1“ track on Circuit Tracks)
  5. Make sure Circuit has all MIDI channels activated and properly set, see manual p. 103f
  6. Set the clock correctly: „ClkSource MIDI“ or „ClkSource Auto“ in Mininova settings
  7. For arp settings, see below

For MIDI specs see Mininova Manual and Circuit Tracks Manual (link as of April 2021).

Getting the arpeggiator to work

As soon as the Mininova was setup correctly, I tried to experiment with bass sounds and leads – which worked perfectly well out of the box. As the Mininova has some nice arppegiator sounds and the Circuit Tracks doesn’t come with an arp feature itself, I then tried some arp pads – and ran into a problem: I could trigger the sound without a glitch, but it wouldn’t arp. No matter if I programmed in a chord or hit the Circuit Tracks pads, I could only get one note out at a time.

I turned pages in both manuals to no avail until I found the setting „Arp MIDI“ (which I still can’t find properly described in the Mininova manual, unfortunately) by flipping through the Mininova Menu. This setting has to be set to „MIDI->Arp“ from the default „Arp->MIDI“ – and the arpeggiator can successfully be triggered by notes played on the Circuit Tracks.


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    • Hi there, I don’t clearly remember, but I guess I just connected the headphone out of the Mininova with one of the Tracks inputs via a 6,3mm cable. That’s mono, of course, so if you want to use stereo effects on the Mininova, you would have to connect the L/R outputs of the Mininova to the 1/2 inputs of the Tracks and pan them to the left/right in the mixer. (This has the disadvantage to block both audio inputs of the Tracks, so you’d be stuck with only the Mininova as external gear.) You can also get creative with a hardware mixer, of course, either mixing together two external devices into the tracks or having all the audio go through the mixer instead of the tracks. There’s no limits …

  1. Hi … I control the mininova from the Circuit Tracks via MIDI. Than I use the both Out 6,3mm from the mininova and connect it to the Circuit Tracks to hear both devices. The problem is, that the volume of the mininove is very very low. I set the volume on the mininova to max but I hear it only very quiet at the headphone from the Circuit Tracks. Do you have an idea it is a failure of the Out from the mininova? btw … same connection with the korg volca keys … its very loud.
    Looking forward for help … Thanks 🙂

    • Hi there, hard to say – could be anything from the cable (Volca uses 3,5mm jack, so it’s anothe cable, right?) to some software settings (mininova has a lot of them in the menus). You could first of all try to connect the mininova out so some other piece of hardware or an audio interface to make sure it’s not the mininova output levels …

      Btw: Did you pan the corresponding tracks on the Circuit Tracks to emulate a stereo signal (since the Tracks‘ inputs are mono)? And did you adjust the volume in the Tracks‘ mixer?

      I currently don’t have access to both devices, so this is only what comes to mind from memory … Good luck!


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